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From Retail bags, to Courier-type bags – moving into Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly bags while  maintaining Circular Economy (Plastic Pact Offering)



Any discs, to labels stating ‘Fragile’ Any colour. Labels you can think of, sticky labels, to licence


Warehouse and Distribution Solutions

Pallet wraps, Recyclable and Reusable product offerings. ALL Consumables, tapes, bubble wraps, SKU labels, etc.



We supply Till Slips, all types of Till slips. We supply one of the largest conglomerates in Dubai with Cash Bags for the cashiers

On Demand

On Demand Solution

Do you have delivery vehicles on the road? We make sure your drivers are:

a) Safe – A tried and tested solution

b) Assist them hold onto the goods being delivered with ease.


E-commerce Solutions

We supply the machinery that assists with trimming down the cartons to fit your product perfectly. Ready to deliver straight to your client. Save on volumetric space.

cell phone accessories

Cell Phone Accessories

Covid supplies

ALL Covid-19 Supplies

Thermometers, gloves, masks etc

Our Testimonials

Professional service. Exceptional quality. Fantastic value for money. A phone call away at all times to assist or provide advice/guidance. These things have enabled a strong foundation to be built and we have come to rely on these pillars in our times of need. An absolute pleasure to work with Abbonzzo and Team. Thank you and look forward to working closely again with you.
Rijata Sing
We pride ourselves on our high standards and attention to detail and with this in mind, we have found this in every area with Abbonzzo who have exceeded our expectations. They are most reliable, courteous and always goes the extra mile to ensure that their clients are well looked after and receives the best service. They are one step ahead of the game especially when deadlines are concerned, which were met – always. The extremely flexible approach is exceptionally welcoming. Shavira and team – Thank you
Geoffrey Butler
Entity Pictures
We have dealt with Shavira and her company Abbonzzo numerous times and our feeling is always the same - friendly, professional and a highly efficient service level. We were under some pretty rigid deadlines and needed exceptionally swift assistance from abbonzzo, to which was handled with ease and promptness every single time. Consequently, made things easier for us. Thank you abbonzzo and team – Highly recommended!
Tyler Roberts
JT Power Group

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